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Together We Furnish Hope

Every night, 200,000 children in the DFW area sleep on the floor, absent of the comfort of their own bed. On top of this, 75% of families transitioning from homelessness, domestic violence, and disaster move into barren homes without furniture to sleep, relax, and dine on. These conditions are often worse than shelter living and cause difficulties in succeeding in employment and education, which results in greater challenges in establishing an independent life.

It’s bigger than furniture. Dallas Furniture Bank’s work is more than providing furniture. It’s turning transitional housing into homes, restoring confidence, comfort, safety, and normalcy into people’s lives. Our methods work. Just take it from one of Dallas Furniture Bank’s clients.
“I feel like I have a home instead of an empty house. I feel like I made it through the bad as I am trying to rebuild my life, I would have an empty house if it wasn't for y'all. When I come home and see my house full of nice furniture that I get to keep, I know I made it. I'm blessed! I am so thankful!”

How can YOU make a big difference in someone’s life? A small action of a one-time or recurring donation can create a long-lasting impact. A one-time donation of $50 can give a student a desk & chair, $100 can fully furnish a living room with a sofa, coffee table, and lamp, $275 supplies full furnishings for a two-bedroom apartment, and $750 provides a complete home for a three-bedroom apartment for a family of 6. Your compassion can be a life-changing moment for someone in need.


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